China Crystallizing Tank

● Crystallization can choose curved blade paddle, can increase heat exchange area, increase in thermal efficiency, and enhance the crystallization capacity. The material discharging is convenient.
● Crystallizing tank jacket can be bubbled into steam or cold media to process the material under optimum temperature, with high efficiency and convenient operation.
● Crystallizing tank is installed with 0.2 um hydrophobic ventilation filter, also tank can withstand the high temperature steam sterilization disinfection, equipped with health pressure gauge.
● The sealing of agitating shaft adopts sanitary mechanical seal. The mixing motor can use Cycloidal reducer, gear motor reducer. These items can be selected according to customers 'requirement (Frequency control isvidely used).
Tank Optional Configuration
● Crystallizing Tank can configure 0.2 um hydrophobic sterile air filter, thermometer (Digital display or Dial type), 2 sight glasses, steam sterilization hole, sanitary manhole, liquid in-outlet, CIP rotating cleaning ball, liquid meter and Liquid level control system (Bearing module, non-contact ultrasonic, static pressure transmitting device) and so on, also can configure as customers' requirement.China Crystallizing Tank