Forged Steel Y Type Strainer suppliers

1. Forged steel Y-type Strainer
(1) Full port or reduced port.
(2) Bolted, wound gasket sealed bonnet.
(3) The socket end is in accordance with ASME B16.11.
(4) Threaded end (NPT) conforms to ANSI/ASME B1.20.1.
(5) It can be equipped with a discharge blockage and a replaceable filter.
2. Forged steel Y-type filter
Design and manufacture of BS5352 MSS SP-118.
3. Connector size.
(1) The socket size is in accordance with ANSI B16.11, JB/T1751.
(2) The thread end size is in accordance with ANSI B1.20.1, JB/T7306.
(3) The size of the butt end is in accordance with ANSI B16.25, JB/T12224.
(4) Flange end dimensions according to ANSI B16.5, JB79.
4. Valve inspection and testing API 598, GB/T13927, JB/T9092.
5. Structural features: bolted bonnet (B.B) welded bonnet (W.B).
6. The material is in accordance with ANSI/ASTM standard.
7. Main material: A105; LF2; F5; F11; F22; 304(L); 316(L); F347; F321; F51; Monel;
Forged steel Y-type strainer temperature-pressure rating
CL150-285 P.S.I @ 100°F, CL300-740 P.S.I @ 100°F
CL600-1480 P.S.I @ 100°F, CL800-1975 P.S.I @ 100°F
CL1500-3705 P.S.I @ 100°F, CL2500-6170 P.S.I @ 100°F
Structure diagram of Flanged Y type strainer
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