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The importance of insulating surfaces before tiles is essential
Surface Isolation Layers The process of isolating surfaces is one of the processes that many people resort to in order to protect themselves and protect the place where they are located and their own, so the surface is affected by different weather factors, whether with temperature, cold or rain water, which leads to cracks, cracks and landing of the surface with The passage of time.
The surface is also exposed to rain water, which leads to the surface impregnation of this water, causing erosion of concrete and the occurrence of serious cracks that may threaten the building as a whole, as the surface may also be exposed to water leakage from the tank if it is present, which is also one of the causes of damage to the building and the surface and its exposure At risk.
Therefore, the process of isolating surfaces from moisture is considered one of the most important protection factors against these different and non-atmospheric weather factors, which also have a significant impact on the surface, which may increase its risk, causing a danger to the building as a whole, in case the surface is damaged and the walls and floors are also exposed to these harmful and harmful leaks. Significantly.
The isolation process is an important process, so it must take place under the hands of a group of specialized and skilled workers. There are specific steps and special materials that must be used in order for the isolation process to take place as required and required. The isolation process is considered as a double-edged sword, either to help get rid of any problems that might be exposed to it. Surface or increase the problem and become costs without interest, as the methods of isolation differ, there are thermal insulation, waterproofing, and cement insulation, and each of them has advantages. The stage for choosing the worker who performs this work is the most important stage to ensure access to the required service. Read also prices for surface insulation
Types of surface insulation and the importance of waterproofing
There are many types of roof insulation, including water insulation, which is used to protect against rain water or any water leaks that may occur, as we find thermal insulation, which is insulation to protect from different and well-heated temperatures that affect the building as well, and it has many risks such as cracks caused by high temperatures. There is another type, which is sound insulation, that is used to protect the building from being affected by external sounds.
This insulator works not to leak sound from or to the place, and it is clear that each of them has special and beneficial uses, as they each have special materials and deliberate and specific steps that are not carried out in a random manner, but with a well-thought-out plan, as they are done under the hands of a specialized group of skilled workers, not amateurs. It is one of the most important things that are done very accurately, and must be used high-quality insulation materials to ensure the service provided is of the best quality and highest quality. Surface.