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Feed the mind
An individual can nurture his mind by resorting to learning languages, as there are many benefits arising from an individual's learning of a foreign language. It has been proven that multilingualism helps improve an individual's ability to memorize and perform multiple tasks, and it has also been proven that learning a foreign language helps in Reducing Alzheimer's disease, early dementia, and in addition, language learning helps to enhance an individual's ability to use the rules of his native language, and enriches his mind with many of his vocabulary. [1]

Facilitating travel to foreign countries
Learning an individual's languages helps in facilitating his travel to foreign countries, since although passports and airplanes can deliver an individual to anywhere in the world, he cannot know any country without knowing the prevailing language in it, knowing the language in which the country is spoken He wants to travel to it, to be able to learn about the culture of this country, as well as to be able to meet and speak to anyone in this country, the individual may need to ask for directions in the street, or order food in the restaurant, and in addition to that, the individual’s knowledge of the prevailing language in a country It enables him to wander around that country, and learn about the true secrets associated This country, find out how things are going there. [2]

Other benefits of language learning
There are many other benefits to learning foreign languages, including: [3]

Increase the strength of individual awareness, as according to a study conducted by the University of Pompeo Fabra, Spain, it was found that people who speak several languages are more able to monitor their surroundings, and that they have greater skill in focusing on information related to a subject, and excluding information that is not related to this topic.
Enhancing the memory of the individual, as the brain is like a muscle that works better with exercise, and because learning a new language depends on memorizing the rules and vocabulary of this language, it helps to strengthen that brain muscle, which improves the overall memory of the individual, and many studies indicate that People who speak more than one language have the ability to better remember shopping lists, names, and directions.